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    IP特区会员守则-----IP Code of Practice for the SAR members
    发表时间:2008-11-28  信息来源:南京英美尔科技开发有限公司 文字 〖

    (1) compliance, compliance, and trustworthy, not Ben Wang issued has nothing to do with the companys business information and information. To be a law-enforcement, honest Internet users to stop all the damage the interests of corporate and consumer events.
    (2) business information, authentic, fluid and frank exchanges, information processing time, business process fast and efficient, warm and considerate treatment of the client.
    4, IP SAR membership management system
    (1) IP SAR members, once registered in the Ben Wang, IP details of the SAR data will be members of trade secrets as the highest encryption protection, the companys internal staff leaks occur with IP SAR Member may reserve their legal obligations.
    (2) the company on a regular basis according to the SAR members and corporate IP and customer interaction in the law, abide by rules of professional ethics and trustworthy individual performance star ratings to assess the results with IP interface for the SAR members personal web page business information also showed that in order to promote and encourage .
    (3) The companys in-house staff members work to IP-based SAR to the SAR membership interests of IP payments, to eliminate all the hazards IP SAR incidents in the interest of members, and resolutely safeguard and protect the IP of all members of the SAR should have the power and interests, the full IP SAR attendants do a good job doing real work.
    (4) IP SAR Tel :025-66868758 in charge of complaints (daytime) 13,951,716,809 Yin Assistant 13,951,903,433 Mr. Chen Pan Jingli 13,705,173,226
    友情链接: 南京英美尔科技开发有限公司  
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